Pope Francis speaks to diplomats at the Vatican. Photo: 9 January 2017

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Pope Francis: “Fundamentalist terrorism is the fruit of a profound non secular poverty.”

Pope Francis has condemned as “homicidal insanity” current lethal “fundamentalist-inspired” assaults around the globe.

In a speech to the Vatican diplomatic corps, the pontiff referred to as on spiritual leaders to reaffirm that “one can by no means kill in God’s identify”.

He additionally warned that poverty served as fertile floor for radicalisation.

Scores of individuals died in jihadist assaults in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Center East and the Americas in 2016.

“We’re coping with a homicidal insanity which misuses God’s identify with the intention to disseminate demise, in a play for domination and energy,” the 80-year-old Argentine pontiff mentioned on Monday.

“Therefore I attraction to all spiritual authorities to affix in reaffirming unequivocally that one can by no means kill in God’s identify.

“Fundamentalist terrorism is the fruit of a profound non secular poverty, and sometimes is linked to important social poverty,” the Pope mentioned. “It may well solely be totally defeated with the joint contribution of spiritual and political leaders.”

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On Sunday, a person drove a lorry on a bunch of Israeli troopers in Israel, killing 4 folks

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In an analogous assault on 19 December, 12 folks had been killed when a lorry smashed right into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin

In July, months after lethal assaults in France and Belgium, Pope Francis warned that jihadist assaults in Europe was proof that “the world is at war”.

Nonetheless, he confused he didn’t imply a conflict of religions, however moderately a battle over “pursuits, cash, assets”.

In a wide-ranging speech on Monday, Pope Francis additionally mentioned that:

  • North Korea’s threats to check ballistic missiles had been “explicit disturbing” and will spark a “new nuclear arms race”
  • Europe was at a “decisive second” in its historical past, and the “thought of Europe” needs to be primarily based on a brand new humanism
  • Stalled peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians ought to resume
  • Worldwide efforts to foster peace in quite a lot of conflict-torn African nations should be intensified
  • Atmosphere should be protected, backing a world deal clinched in Paris in 2015